International Sign Language: “Do you know about Creolearth?”

To demonstrate the potential for collaboration and coevolution of a globally shared language through the World Wide Web, and to suggest the potential inclusiveness of Creolearth, we can begin by expressing the question “Do you know about Creolearth?” in International Sign (IS).

 I hope someone will volunteer to upload a video showing this sentence in IS.  It would require the volunteer (or volunteers) to create the International Sign for Creolearth.   The volunteer(s) could uploaded the video to this site and/or to YouTube to  be linked to this blog.

The IS question could be asked by anyone, to anyone able to see, as the first manifestation of Creolearth.

The IS could  be accompanied by  vocalization in the speaker’s’ native or preferred language if desired.

I hope that initiating Creolearth communication with  IS will encourage  participation by speakers of other  minority and/or endangered languages.


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