An Application for Collecting Creolearth Neologisms.

Definer, a wonderfully  clever iTunes app for (portable Macintosh i-products) suggests a means by which interested persons can contribute neologisms for a globally shared language (GSL)

A specialized  version of  the amazing Definer app could jumpstart the creation of Creolearth.  A  Creolearth neologism application would ideally work on any device, through ordinary World Wide Web  links.

To coevolve a GSL, contributions from people all around the world are needed.  We need to be open to all sounds and rhythms, and to whatever new words playful minds can create.

Consider the wonderful Xhosa wedding song, performed here by the late, great Miram Mkeba.  How many people on earth would ever imagine a language with sounds like this without hearing this?

(The next version has a much clearer soundtrack, and Xhosa subtitles.)

How many wonderful sounds exist in languages few of us have ever heard?  (Tuvan throat singing comes to  mind .)

And a tutorial . . .

Could such exotic sounds become a part of a globally shared language?  My hunch is that Creolearth will more likely include sounds and words that are easiest to speak and most pleasing to the greatest number of speakers.

That will probably leave out words like that, and all the tongue-between-teeth  “th” sounds of English that cause such trouble for so many learners of that language.

The search for globally pleasing sounds and new words will be fascinating, and new words may form a significant part of a core Creolearth vocabulary.


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