Crowdsourcing Creolearth

For many years I’ve been interested in the idea of “natural” coevolution of a globally shared language (GSL).   As time goes by, I’m increasingly interested in crowdsourcing Creolearth neologisms as a way of jump-starting the process.  If people  contribute new words they will feel a stake in this language, and we can, all around the world, start using these original Creolearth words in our daily lives, whatever language we speak.

What kind of words could we start with?  For starters, I think we need a globally-shared word to describe contempt for lies, liars, and lying.  We are all bombarded with lies every day from various sources.  These are often deadly lies, in service of cruelty and violence, lies that contribute to the destruction of our biosphere.  Many of us know what is being done.  I think we need a new word — a powerful word  — to describe not only the awareness of mendacity, but our contempt for it.

Another needed word, perhaps, is a global word corresponding with hope for humanity collectively to create a better world, a hope rooted in faith in truth and transparency.  Can a single word convey this, for people all around the world?

We have some vocalizations that perhaps are universal or nearly so — the groans of despair and grief, the sustained booing of contempt, the cheering roar of approval    Can we go from these sounds to words that convey more?  It’s an interesting question, and I hope to initiate a process to answer it.

My plan is to start a new blog called Creolearth Crowdsourcing.  The blog you are reading now, Creolearth, will focus on the process.  The new blog will be a place for readers to contribute.     I’d welcome any thoughts or suggestions.


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