Creolearth is a  globally shared language (GSL) created in a co-evolutionary process  made possible — for the first time in human history —  by the World Wide Web, social media,  and information and communication technologies.

Creolearth is a natural language, not an artificial, constructed, or invented  language such as  Esperanto.  Billions of children, women, and men from all around the world construct Creolearth, primarily from a scaffolding  of thousands of natural languages.  Every language can  be included  and no language  is deliberately excluded.

Creative contributions to the language itself may include neologisms, orthographical innovations, grammatical and syntactical changes, and so on.  Narratives, poems, plays, songs, stories and films can showcase contributions to Creolearth.

This chaordic process will be primarily bottom-up, driven by billions of contributors and contributions, but also top-down, as the process is encouraged, influenced and moderated by a relatively small group of volunteers.


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